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Gossip editions!

This week I have been busy!  I have proofed the 6 new collagraph plates and I am glad to say they only needed a few “tweeks”.  On Wednesday and Thursday I started to edition them.  In the past I haven’t been interested in doing editions, so after one or two prints from one plate I would be thinking about making a new plate … This was when printmaking was my hobby.  Now I need to think like a businesswoman and do larger editions for each plate.  The cardboard collagraph plates can only stand up to a certain amount of being squeezed under a metal roller before the prints become foggy.  I am hoping to get 30 prints from each of the 6 new “Gossip” plates.  However, I was wiping the plates clean after Wednesday’s session on the press and one of them nearly came apart where I had scored a bit too deeply with the knife!  A bit of UHU just about saved it, so I don’t know whether it will withstand hand-inking, wiping with scrim, and going through the press thirty times!! Typically, it was my favourite one.  I now have 24 prints stuck around my dining room/studio – the first stage of editioning …  I find it hard to focus for too many hours; I know other printmakers may print 30 in a day!  In my defence, I have a dog nagging me to take her for a walk at around 3pm.  Oh, and my youngest daughter has been home all week feeling unwell and also needing attention.  Too many distractions!  Hopefully next week I can edition more “Gossip” prints.  Focus, Focus!!

DSC_1027    DSC_1022



I have been making some new collagraph blocks/plates this week.  They are only 10 x 4 cm in size, so they will be affordable if I take them along to sell at craft fairs. Even though they are small, I forget how fiddly they are to make and therefore much more time-consuming!  These faces belong to my “gossip” series.  The idea for these faces started out as a rough doodle, while I was feeling a bit uninspired a while ago.  I was wandering about the house, feeling restless, needing something to kick start me.  I drew the silhouette of the 2 wine glasses sitting on my kitchen windowsill, then I absent-mindedly added a nose and some lips – just playing about really, but it was fun – and my first “gossip” print was born.  This week, I am adding 6 more to my initial collection.  I hope to finish the plates by the end of tomorrow and apply the shellac varnish, so hopefully I can see how they print up next week!